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Scout Fold and Go

  • Quickly dismantles into five sections for travel and transportation
  • Easy to manage, lightweight and portable design with the heaviest piece weighing only 15kgs
  • Battery pack lifts on and off allowing it to be taken indoors for charging
  • When fully charged, travels up to 10 miles
  • Delta type handle bars make it comfortable to use
  • Rotating seat with flip up armrests allow for a safe and easy transfer

The Style Mobility Scooter features a portable design that can be easily lifted in and out of your car boot, providing a convenient solution for travel and transport, allowing you to keep your independence. The car boot scooter can be quickly dismantled into five easy to manage pieces and with the heaviest section weighing only 15kgs it is light enough for most users to lift straight into the car.
The battery pack on the style portable mobility scooter can be effortlessly lifted on and off the scooter allowing you to take it indoors to charge, perfect for when space is limited in your home. When the battery is fully charged the Style Mobility Scooter will travel up to 10 miles, which is plenty of battery life to allow you to travel to and from your local shops or to enjoy an afternoon out with family. To keep the battery healthy on your mobility scooter we recommend that it should be charged at least once a week, even when not in use and allways re-charge it after use.
To provide easy access to and from your scooter the seat on the Style Mobility Scooter can be rotated 360°'s and the flip up armrests allow you to transfer to and from your scooter safely and easily. As well as a comfortable seat the Style Scooter also includes delta type handle bars making it easier to control especially for users who suffer with joint pain.
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